Close Up: Poems on Cancer, Grief, Hope and Healing

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We all know someone, or maybe we are that someone, who has been affected by cancer.

Close Up: Poems on Cancer, Grief, Hope and Healing is a new collection of poetry that recognizes the depth of human spirit in the face of some of life’s greatest hardships.

This sequence of poetry features voices of those who have experienced, or who are currently experiencing, cancer. Alongside these are contributions from carers, friends and family, health professionals, and those who offer their support from afar.

Many of these poems are personal reflections of cancer and its unrelenting challenges, while others instead offer intimate views on illness, loss, life and love. At its most heart-breaking, this collection features words written in memory of those no longer with us.

This anthology serves as a medium for exploring the complexities of grief, while also celebrating life and survival – and ultimately bringing together a chorus of voices joined in support and understanding.

Proceeds from sales of this book will be directed towards charities in aid of cancer research and support.